About Ben Lee

Beauty is always associated with art. It enriches our lives, creating a subtle but important influence. I began drawing at an early age at my father’s Art Institution in Hong Kong. Later I attended the Vancouver School of Fine Art in the mid 50’s. During the course of my life, I have been involved with many artistic endeavours, but it was not until my retirement in Toronto that I concentrated on fine art in the watercolour medium.

Ben K. S. Lee

I have since established my own studio, taught classes, organized out -door excursions and compiled an instructional guide-book for students. Regular paint-in gatherings, conducting workshops and demos are some of the activities I enjoy with fellow artists. Recently I published a 100-page book representing some of my artwork.

Taking inspiration from old masters, I continue to explore an ever-expanding world of art. I am grateful for the inspiration and fellowship my art gives to me, for the gift of visual expression reflecting a sense of creativity through vivid colours and bold strokes and capturing the wonders of nature and life.